Friday, May 24, 2013

Three In One

I guess this entry will be a little bit longer than before

Gambar hiasan

Jual ikan?  Selfish?  What is that?  

Well, nowadays even we have someone close we still have to be careful.  If not, we will get into trouble.  I talk it randomly and those who read this please don't take it serious and try to think out of box what I'm going to say.  Try to think and relate it with our daily life or people around us or even ourself.  Well, nobody perfect.  Try to think the pros and cons.  This entry will straight to the point but it is really not related to anyone or anybody.

According to DictionaryDotCom selfish means 'Devoted to/caring for oneself'.  The person has the feeling of need to be the first one in anything before anyone else even though they may be someone who is really in need.  You got what I mean?  What I mean is everybody is bound to be selfish from time to time but don't be misunderstanding here, we can be selfish according to the situation that happen around us.  But, a selfish person will not go anywhere, not.  Trust me on that.  Selfishness will not just hurt others feeling but the person will end up by losing friends or love ones.  You must always remember that selfish attitude is not good.  Totally not good as a selfish person is hard to maintain and will bring you nowhere.  Try to understand others feeling if you are in that person situation.  Keep this in your mind, selfish person is a weak person on earth.  The person is haunted by the fear of loss of control.  A selfish person also can be a backstabber person.  Don't be afraid with them.  Face it, they are weak.

Urban Dictionary states that a backstabber is a 'People who you think are friends but then they attempt in causing your downfall'.  I'm pretty sure you know exactly what it means.  I'm 110% sure that this attitude already happens a lot.  They say (for example), "we are bestfriend", but not long after that when the moment you turn back, your-so-called-bestfriend will lie about you to others, will say something bad about you, will tell all the secrets (which was before promised you to keep it) and lots more (sometimes beyond our expectations).  It is an unpleasant feeling and can be extremely effect the very inner part of the victim.  Once be a backstabber will always be a backstabber.  The backstabber person will do it again and again from time to time from one person to another person.  They need lots of time to change.  They may have the feeling that they will not satisfied until someone give up or do something out of mind.  Is it selfish?  Confronting a backstabber may help you to solve the problem but you must remember this type of person, they are pretty good in lying, in twisting the situation/story.  The situation will end when you be brave to confront anything.  Then, they will realize that you are willing to win the 'game' created by them.  If the victims cannot face it wisely, stress will get into them.  Beware!

Stress is not good for health.  It will bring your down, make you pointless and so on.  Stress can make you feel threatened and upset.  You will feel imbalance on something or what ever you do.  How brave a person is, he will not be able to solve any problems at one time.  Human are not perfect.  Everyday we will dealing with different situations, different problems, different attitudes, different people and many more which sometimes will make us cannot think wisely.

So, selfish + backstabber = stress.  They are all together.  Three in one.  Always remind yourself that we are living on earth and again we are not perfect.  Nobody perfect.  Believe in karma.  When you hurt someone, karma will teach you back.  Be nice with people around you, because we do not know our future or when we are in a bad situation later on.

'Smile.  It confuses people who wish you to be unhappy.'

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Break Fasting

This week I've started to qada' back all my 'cuti' for the last Ramadhan because 2013's Ramadhan is just around the corner and I really can't wait for the wonderful month to come.  Because after that we will celebrate our Hari Raya.  So as usual, mommy will ask me what I want to eat for break fasting.  And my answer will always be the same "macam biasa, kering2".  Kering2 dishes are totally my favourite weh!  Mommy always says it is really easy to take care of me.  I prefer to eat something simple rather than all the gravy dishes.  

Ikan + Sayur + Tempe Goreng

Simple but nice

Tuesday, May 21, 2013