Friday, May 24, 2013

Three In One

I guess this entry will be a little bit longer than before

Gambar hiasan

Jual ikan?  Selfish?  What is that?  

Well, nowadays even we have someone close we still have to be careful.  If not, we will get into trouble.  I talk it randomly and those who read this please don't take it serious and try to think out of box what I'm going to say.  Try to think and relate it with our daily life or people around us or even ourself.  Well, nobody perfect.  Try to think the pros and cons.  This entry will straight to the point but it is really not related to anyone or anybody.

According to DictionaryDotCom selfish means 'Devoted to/caring for oneself'.  The person has the feeling of need to be the first one in anything before anyone else even though they may be someone who is really in need.  You got what I mean?  What I mean is everybody is bound to be selfish from time to time but don't be misunderstanding here, we can be selfish according to the situation that happen around us.  But, a selfish person will not go anywhere, not.  Trust me on that.  Selfishness will not just hurt others feeling but the person will end up by losing friends or love ones.  You must always remember that selfish attitude is not good.  Totally not good as a selfish person is hard to maintain and will bring you nowhere.  Try to understand others feeling if you are in that person situation.  Keep this in your mind, selfish person is a weak person on earth.  The person is haunted by the fear of loss of control.  A selfish person also can be a backstabber person.  Don't be afraid with them.  Face it, they are weak.

Urban Dictionary states that a backstabber is a 'People who you think are friends but then they attempt in causing your downfall'.  I'm pretty sure you know exactly what it means.  I'm 110% sure that this attitude already happens a lot.  They say (for example), "we are bestfriend", but not long after that when the moment you turn back, your-so-called-bestfriend will lie about you to others, will say something bad about you, will tell all the secrets (which was before promised you to keep it) and lots more (sometimes beyond our expectations).  It is an unpleasant feeling and can be extremely effect the very inner part of the victim.  Once be a backstabber will always be a backstabber.  The backstabber person will do it again and again from time to time from one person to another person.  They need lots of time to change.  They may have the feeling that they will not satisfied until someone give up or do something out of mind.  Is it selfish?  Confronting a backstabber may help you to solve the problem but you must remember this type of person, they are pretty good in lying, in twisting the situation/story.  The situation will end when you be brave to confront anything.  Then, they will realize that you are willing to win the 'game' created by them.  If the victims cannot face it wisely, stress will get into them.  Beware!

Stress is not good for health.  It will bring your down, make you pointless and so on.  Stress can make you feel threatened and upset.  You will feel imbalance on something or what ever you do.  How brave a person is, he will not be able to solve any problems at one time.  Human are not perfect.  Everyday we will dealing with different situations, different problems, different attitudes, different people and many more which sometimes will make us cannot think wisely.

So, selfish + backstabber = stress.  They are all together.  Three in one.  Always remind yourself that we are living on earth and again we are not perfect.  Nobody perfect.  Believe in karma.  When you hurt someone, karma will teach you back.  Be nice with people around you, because we do not know our future or when we are in a bad situation later on.

'Smile.  It confuses people who wish you to be unhappy.'

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Break Fasting

This week I've started to qada' back all my 'cuti' for the last Ramadhan because 2013's Ramadhan is just around the corner and I really can't wait for the wonderful month to come.  Because after that we will celebrate our Hari Raya.  So as usual, mommy will ask me what I want to eat for break fasting.  And my answer will always be the same "macam biasa, kering2".  Kering2 dishes are totally my favourite weh!  Mommy always says it is really easy to take care of me.  I prefer to eat something simple rather than all the gravy dishes.  

Ikan + Sayur + Tempe Goreng

Simple but nice

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Saturday, March 02, 2013

New Baby Born

Heart Attack!  

Dush dush!  

Momma wants to welcome you home Baby Kekes :D  



What the hell is that?  


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Design Your Own Boot???

Well.  What is all about the title above?  I was like so histeria and like my GFF (Neyna) said sawan!  Yes mungkin ramai yang dah tau Timberland ada buat 'Design Your Own Boot'.  Me yang ketinggalan zaman KOT!  OOO btw, I will surely grab it sooner or later before my GFF trip to Phuket.  YES SURE I WILL!  I already have my simple design in my crazayyy mind and for the color of course GREEN!  Takkan berubah sama sekali.  HIJAU DIHATIKU SENTIASA :)))

Well actually I am not really a Timberland lover but since my ayah is really crazayyy about Timberland (his fav brand) so sedikit demi sedikit perasaan sayang dan kasih telah mula menjinak didalam diri.  Everytime ayah masuk Timberland I will surely menyebok mengecek melihat mensurvey itu ini sana sini.  Ok lah jugak Timberland.  Plus dah lama sebenarnya nak beli boot.  Berkenan jugak Dr Mat (Dr Martin) but hati tak terdetik lagi nak beli.  So about this Timberland boot dulu dah nampak Lisa Surihani pakai masa Maharaja Lawak Mega. Lisa post dekat instagram Lisa.  Lisa punya color pink/red/color ape tah I think so.  Tak ingat sangat.  Then terus sawan.  Was like "cool gila!".  Then masa we had a window shopping at JPO macam biasa ikut ayah masuk Timberland then I found an awesome yellow mustard boot.  Price was quite cheaper than I expected RM400++ from RM700++ (since JPO's concept is everyday sales!).  Affordable is it?  I just looked around like that.  Since that memang start pasang impian to have a Timberland boot and always survey dekat Timberland.  Besides it will be prettayyy comfortable when we are travelling here and there.

Then, few days ago when I was gossip-ing with my friend, she told me that her friend's friend dah bertunang and one of his hantaran was a DESIGN YOUR OWN TIMBERLAND!  That guy letak tarikh dia tunang dekat kasut dia.  But kasut not boot.  And again I was histeria and sawan!  That guy punya price around RM600++ but confirm worth it!  Since that sekali lagi telah berkobar-kobar nak Timberland nak Timberland.  But I want boot.  A BOOT!  A GREEN BOOT!  And just now baca GLAM zine nampak Sherry punya Timberland boot, a pink color boot which was she bought in Manchaster.  Pretty pink!  Seriously!  And apa lagi cepat-cepat bukak website Timberland.  It will take about 5 weeks which is around 1 month plus after make an order.  Yes I will order it.  With my very own simple design.  Have to go to Timberland store nak tanya macam mana semua.  I don't even really care about the price since it is still in my budget.  Besides, its not a big matter to buy an expensive thing as long as we are very comfortable with it and tahan lama.  

Will have you soon Baby T :D

Ini semua contoh je.  I have create my design (simple but prettay awesome for me) and will print and bring it to sales associate later on.  Imma happy kid!  Weehoooooooo!  Mine is done!  Ayah,  birthday present in advance pelissshhhhhhhhhhh!  Hehe :D  So for those yang tak tahu and berminat nak survey nak try and create your own design you are welcome to click here!  Lets get starteddddddddddd!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Premium Beautiful (PB) Corset?

Sambungan daripada entry sebelum ni.  Alhamdulillah sekali lagi syukur sangat sebab pemakaian PB yang konsisten telah menghilangkan sakit belakang and my very bad period pain since standard 6.  Besides that, sekarang lebih yakin nak pakai apa pun sebab PB telah membantu untuk menyorokkan lemak-lemak degilku yang terkeluar disana dan sini and now slowly untuk mendapatkan a flat tummy!  Jom dapatkan bentuk badan idaman korang!  Lets get starteddddddddddddddddddd!


Why Premium Beautiful (PB) Corset?

Info Produk:

  • Cup yang berbentuk piramid menampung payudara agar tidak jatuh dan puting dalam posisi yang betul (untuk mengelakkan sel kanser).
  • Menghalang lemak mengalir ke bahagian belakang.
  • Mengelak masalah berkaitan perut seperti masalah gastrik.

  • Tetulang memeri berfungsi untuk membantu masalah tulang belakang seperti bongkok, 'slip disc' dan sakit pinggang.
  • Sesuai untuk wanita terutama sekali bagi wanita yang lepas bersalin.

  • Merapatkan rahim, mengemaskan bahagian perut serta menghilangkan kesan rekahan kulit 'stretchmark' terutamanya bagi wanita yang lepas bersalin.
  • 'Love shape' nipis membantu membentuk punggul yang menarik dan membetulkan kedudukan. 

Antara kelebihan lain produk PB ialah:

  • Membantu mengurangkan selera makan.
  • Kerap buang air besar dan kecil serta buang angin.
  • Period pain tiada.
  • Merawat keputihan 100%.
  • Lebih bertenaga.
  • Berat badan berkurangan.
  • Nipple breast berwarna cerah.
  • Membantu mendapatkan cahaya mata
  • Girdle tidak bergulung seperti yang terdapat dalam pasaran.

Antara keistimewaan F.I.R (Far Infrared Ray):

  • Memperbetulkan perjalanan darah dalam tubuh.
  • Meningkatkan kadar metabolisme.
  • Memperbetulkan dan memulihkan sistem pernafasan.
  • Mengelakkan pertumbuhan bakteria.
  • Mengeluarkan peluh asid.
  • Menggalakkan tumbesaran lebih teratur.
  • Mengekalkan kesegaran badan.
  • Mengurangkan kandungan asid dalam darah.
  • Menghilangkan kesakitan pasa tubuh badan atau tempat yang sakit.
  • Tidur dengan lebih nyenyak.
  • Menghilangkan bau badan.
  • Membantu menghilangkan kulat dan fungas.
  • Membantu membersihkan udara dalam badan.
  • Mengekalkan kepanasan suhu badan.
  • Membetulkan sistem urat saraf dalam badan secara automatik
  • Menambahkan kekenyalan dan ketegangan serta menggiatkan pertumbuhan buah dada.

Kelebihan kualiti kain PB:

  • Membentuk badan dan postur yang baik.
  • Fabrik yang lembut pada kulit.
  • Selesa dan sesuai dipakai sepanjang hari.
  • Kuasa serapan yang baik.
  • Pakaian dalam yang boleh dicuci dan tahan lama.

Ciri-ciri produk PB:

  • Superbrands.
  • Lifetime Warranty (terkoyak atau tercabut all F.O.C).
  • Teknologi daripada Jepun, US, German dan Taiwan.
  • Pengiktirafan Persatuan Pakar Chiropractor America.
  • Breatheable material (aquatek & aquadyne fabric).
  • Kuasa regangan ke semua hala (dapat diregang secara 360 darjah mengikut pergerakan badan tanpa mengubah reka bentuk asalnya).
  • Direkabentuk untuk 70% kesihatan dan 30% kecantikan.

Testimoni on me :)

 Me when I was in Jakarta for a vacation on the last November 14, 2012.

Kelihatan makhluk-makhluk halus perosak disitu yang mommyku lebih selesa memanggilnya 'babats' (boleh kira tak agak-agak berapa tingkat/kilo?)  HAHAHA

Couple of weeks ago.  I used the same outfit with the 'magic corset', Premium Beautiful


Meh kita tengok beberapa testimoni lain pulak.  



When is your turn?

Let me help you guys!

You can get the magic corset from me with a very special price!

Do PM me and book your appointment ASAP for more details :)




Keep calm 
keep GLAM

The Magic Corset, THANK YOU!

Assalamualaikum WBT

It is now 01:23 when I decide to write this.  Because it is really worth it to buy this magic corset.  Magic corset?  Apa tu?  Jeng jeng jeng!

Well, as for me, I am so grateful because my sakit belakang especially time nak tidur rasa tak selesa nak baring and for all this while having a very bad period pain since standard 6, everything is gone (telah mentestimonikan diriku sendiri).  Alhamdulillah.  Very big thanks to ayah and mommy because without their money and support I will surely can't afford this corset (maklumlah masih dibawah tanggungan mak bapak, haha).  And special thanks to my pretty sista, Nurayka for bring me into this biz and kenalkan Nina corset ni.  Thanks much sis *big hug*

To be continued

Good night

Keep calm & keep GLAM

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Nadia and Ernie :)))

Assalamualaikum WBT

Fuhhh.  Lama gila tak update blog.  Taip pun terkial-kial hendaknya.  Haha.  Baru berkesempatan online betul-betul pakai lappy.  So, my short trip to Kelantan for Nadia's wedding was really great with some experiences that I won't forget.  Met the awesome classmates at the wedding.  MAS was great too from JHB-KUL-KBR and KBR-KUL-JHB.  But pengalaman yang paling sedih was my Primavera telah terputus dengan cantiknya exactly keluar plane dekat KLIA betul-betul dekat pintu plane tu.  I was like "Ya Allah kenapa putus sekarang!" (because turun-turun KLIA was about time to check in for the next flight to KBR).  Nasib baik keluar je terowong tu terus nampak toilet terus tukar FitFlop *nasib baik FitFlop, kalau bawak selipo jepun biasa je acane tah agaknya :/  Bla bla bla then I finally arrived KBR.  My kind-hearted ex-roomate which is Kelantanese, Fazira volunteered to fetch me at the airport (balik pun dia volunteered nak hantar tak bagi naik cab.  Thanks roomate!  Loveyou!).  Then I asked her to bring me to KB Mall.  Well yes I really need a new shoes.  Takkan nak pakai FitFlop kot.  Tak sesuaiii *gaya Raja Azura haha*  I went to Vincci terus tangkap 1 heel ni which was really suitable and match with my handbag.  And very worth it because it was only RM49 from RM99 after 50% discount.  It was almost 13:30 that time and KB jammmmmmeedddd habis!  Takut sangat tak sempat tengok Nadia sanding.  Sepatutnya sanding 14:30 but that morning Nadia text me and told me "I masuk dewan pukul 2 tau".  Hani (classmate) dah called tanya kat mana.  Then finally Zira and me found the Dewan Perniagaan Cina but tak jumpa my hotel!  Gosh!  Time was running out.  I asked Zira "You, you orang sini pun tak tau ke hotel I kat mana?".  She laughed.  According to Nadia my hotel was just in front of her dewan but kitorang tak jumpa.  Then baru lah teringat nak called hotel.  Rupanya hujung sanaaaaaa sederet dewan bukan depan dewan.  Kalau naik kereta memang dekat lah.  Kalau jalan memang tak lah.  Haha.  So dengan pantasnya check in hotel and terus pergi dewan.  Sampai-sampai pengantin, dulang girls dah depan pintu.

Decoration dewan and pelamin were really nice.  Nadia was really beautiful.  Jarang tengok dia mekap.  Azan pun sama nampak segak bergaya mutu keunggulan.  And again, Selamat Pengantin Baru NADIAZAN.  Semoga kekal bahagia dunia akhirat InsyaAllah sampai ke Jannah and cepat-cepat dapat babiesssssssssssss.  Till we meet again soon.  Loveyou!

ERNIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Sangat terharu tau "especially Nina" tu! :(  AND AGAINNN sorryyyyyyyyyyy.  Haha.  But kelakar pulak I bila teringat I dapat entah berapa puluh misscalled from you that day.  Sorry sangat.  I memang sangat-sangat tak sedar sebab balik hotel terus tidur tak ingat pape tambah pulak hujan + sejuk yang tak dapat digambarkan keadaannya.  Sorry sangatttttt but yes sangat terkilan sebab tak dapat jumpa you and you terus pergi airport awal-awal instead of our plan you stay bilik I dulu for gossip-ing while waiting for your flight back to KL at 22:45.  Sorry banyak-banyak-banyak.  IMISSYOU, babe.  InsyaAllah ada rezeki nanti kita jumpa ok.  Take care there :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Peace be upon Him

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Love Prophet Muhammad SAW

"Barangsiapa yang berselawat kepadaku sekali, maka Allah SWT akan berselawat untuknya 10 kali" - HR Muslim:  384

Monday, January 21, 2013

Langkah Pertama

'Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani'
'In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful'

"9 per 10 daripada rezeki adalah pada perniagaan"

Mudah-mudahan apa yang dirancang akan berjalan dengan lancar dan sebaik mungkin.  InsyaAllah.  Amin.

Tony Blair, Peter Jennings & Pop Divas

Tony Blair (TB) has been interviewed by Peter Jennings (PJ)

PJ:  Why do you think the English lost the War of Independence?

TB:  Rust on our equipment.

PJ:  Rust!  Can you explain?

TB:  Yes, rust.  You see, affected our leg weaponery.  Our knee spears.

PJ:  Knee spears?  Why?  I've never heard of such a thing like that!

TB:  Really.  I thought everyone had heard of Brit knee spears!


Wedding, Wedding, Wedding!!!

Assalamualaikum WBT and good morning Monday!  *morning ke?*

OMG OMG OMG! (Tune ikut Lisa Istanbul Aku Datang, HAHAHA).  OK!  Kawen kawen dan kawen lagi on this coming February sangat lah banyak nya lahaiii.  Lagipun exactly tengah school break CNY so tak dinafikan memang semua perantinsss mengabdikan masa ni untuk kawen.  Sanak saudara sahabat handai yang jauh pun boleh beramai-ramai datang kan.  Tu yang meriah.  Berkumpul mana yang lama tak jumpa.  And for myself, tiga wedds berderet ok 9,10,11 (JOHOR-PERAK-KELANTAN).  I am sooo officially booked on those dates because nak pergi wedds tu.  Fuhhhhhhh *lap dahi*.  Ayah kata, "Awak dah besar kalau orang jemput and kebetulan free and boleh datang awak kena datang.  Takut hukum karma nanti bila awak kawen takde orang datang majlis awak, awak nak ke?".  OMG OMG OMG!  Itu sentap!  Hahaha.  Well,  actually memang dah lama niat nak pergi pun sebab tengah free but ada two wedds on the same date which is one of it I really can't go *I'll explain later Zuli (Perak), sorry*.  While mommy and ayah terpaksa postpone our short vacay lambat sikit sampai their daughter yang super duper busy mak datin ni kembali pulang.  OK!  Flight ticket to Kelantan is ready!  Baju?  Oh NO!  Baju baju dan baju apa nak pakai ni?  Oppssssyyy!  Kain-kain dah ada so lets pergi tempah!  Btw, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU to all the perantinsss!  Semoga bahagia dan kekal dunia akhirat.  InsyaAllah till Jannah.  Amin.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda:

"Apabila pasangan suami isteri berpegangan tangan, dosa-dosa akan keluar melalui celah-celah jari mereka".  

*Sambung tengok Beth even semua videos dia da selamat tengok!

Do you know HER?

Oh come on!  Please don't tell me that you don't know her.  A teenage girl from California which is her YouTube Channel has almost 200 millions view!  Is she cool?  YES she is!  Gosh I'm deadly adore her so much.  Well her videos are all about hair, makeup, fashion, DIY projects and basically all things that she loves to do.  She is a super duper cute adorable talented BETHANY MOTA (Beth).  My days without watching her videos are just like uurrggghhhhhhhhhhhh!  And when I'm watching her is also like uuurrrgggghhhhhhhhhh!  ALL URRRGGGGHHHHHHH ABOUT HER!  HAHAHA.  But seriously for those who has not watch her videos please please and please open your YouTube and here is her YouTube Channel: (MacBarbie07).  Barbie?  Well, it suits her!

Find out more at MacBarbie07!  
Trust me you will not feel bored watching her :D

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Bethany Mota


Sunday, January 20, 2013

L - O - V - E

L is for the way you look at me 
O is for the only one I see 
V is very very extraordinary 
E is even more than anyone that you adore 

Love is all that I can give to you 
Love is more than just a game for two 
Two in love can make it 
Take my heart and please don't break it 
Love was made for me and you

favourite song ever by The One and Only, Nat King Cole

 cc to Mr.AJT 

Online Shopping

ARE YOU such kinda SHOPAHOLIC???  ME???  YES OF COURSE SURE I DO DO DO DO DO!!!  OMG this few days/weeks I'm being such a rambang mata!  Bukak ni order, bukak tu order, bukak ni nak, bukak tu nak - through FB, Instagram, Whatsapp!  Zassssssss!  Siap! Order-keluar-bank-payment-PAID!  2,3 days parcelsss sampai sampai dan sampai lagi.  And like now I'm patiently waiting for another parcels which are my pre-order shoes so it takes couples of week.   Fuhhhhhh *kopak kopak kopak*

Segalanya dihujung jari anda.