Thursday, February 28, 2013

Design Your Own Boot???

Well.  What is all about the title above?  I was like so histeria and like my GFF (Neyna) said sawan!  Yes mungkin ramai yang dah tau Timberland ada buat 'Design Your Own Boot'.  Me yang ketinggalan zaman KOT!  OOO btw, I will surely grab it sooner or later before my GFF trip to Phuket.  YES SURE I WILL!  I already have my simple design in my crazayyy mind and for the color of course GREEN!  Takkan berubah sama sekali.  HIJAU DIHATIKU SENTIASA :)))

Well actually I am not really a Timberland lover but since my ayah is really crazayyy about Timberland (his fav brand) so sedikit demi sedikit perasaan sayang dan kasih telah mula menjinak didalam diri.  Everytime ayah masuk Timberland I will surely menyebok mengecek melihat mensurvey itu ini sana sini.  Ok lah jugak Timberland.  Plus dah lama sebenarnya nak beli boot.  Berkenan jugak Dr Mat (Dr Martin) but hati tak terdetik lagi nak beli.  So about this Timberland boot dulu dah nampak Lisa Surihani pakai masa Maharaja Lawak Mega. Lisa post dekat instagram Lisa.  Lisa punya color pink/red/color ape tah I think so.  Tak ingat sangat.  Then terus sawan.  Was like "cool gila!".  Then masa we had a window shopping at JPO macam biasa ikut ayah masuk Timberland then I found an awesome yellow mustard boot.  Price was quite cheaper than I expected RM400++ from RM700++ (since JPO's concept is everyday sales!).  Affordable is it?  I just looked around like that.  Since that memang start pasang impian to have a Timberland boot and always survey dekat Timberland.  Besides it will be prettayyy comfortable when we are travelling here and there.

Then, few days ago when I was gossip-ing with my friend, she told me that her friend's friend dah bertunang and one of his hantaran was a DESIGN YOUR OWN TIMBERLAND!  That guy letak tarikh dia tunang dekat kasut dia.  But kasut not boot.  And again I was histeria and sawan!  That guy punya price around RM600++ but confirm worth it!  Since that sekali lagi telah berkobar-kobar nak Timberland nak Timberland.  But I want boot.  A BOOT!  A GREEN BOOT!  And just now baca GLAM zine nampak Sherry punya Timberland boot, a pink color boot which was she bought in Manchaster.  Pretty pink!  Seriously!  And apa lagi cepat-cepat bukak website Timberland.  It will take about 5 weeks which is around 1 month plus after make an order.  Yes I will order it.  With my very own simple design.  Have to go to Timberland store nak tanya macam mana semua.  I don't even really care about the price since it is still in my budget.  Besides, its not a big matter to buy an expensive thing as long as we are very comfortable with it and tahan lama.  

Will have you soon Baby T :D

Ini semua contoh je.  I have create my design (simple but prettay awesome for me) and will print and bring it to sales associate later on.  Imma happy kid!  Weehoooooooo!  Mine is done!  Ayah,  birthday present in advance pelissshhhhhhhhhhh!  Hehe :D  So for those yang tak tahu and berminat nak survey nak try and create your own design you are welcome to click here!  Lets get starteddddddddddd!